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Jason Ferraro

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Global Fitness Explosion

#1 Fitness,Gym and Personal Training Consultants

We Help You Immediately Increase
Your Sales & Sell with NO Discounting!

No Long Term

"Results Based Strategies Molded To Perfection"

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Sports Club Equipment

Increase your monthly dues and cash sales at the same
time through weight loss and fitness marketing that targets your demographics!

No Hard Sell - Just professional Effective Sales

Gain the experience and talent of a professional health
club marketing firm which has been in the business for over 17+ years!

Marketing campaigns tailored to showcase your specific
clubs needs. We show you how to run the clubs marketing and sales programs
that enabled us to be the industries leading sales and marketing weapon for clubs and personal trainers for years!

Advertising/promotional material custom tailored to
highlight your specific health clubs accommodations.

One on one meetings with your sales staff and management
team to keep everyone up to speed and all wheels moving in the right
direction at all times.

NEW! Free custom website included with our
services when you join TrueStar Health Rated #1 in North America.

Let us show you how to run your fitness center,personal training,boot camps and health club. Increase memberships,out sell the competition,sell 7 out of 10 members personal training and increase profits by tens of thousands of dollars a month. We are here to help you succeed. Trainer J 20+ years teaching Personal Trainers all his secrets, teaching health club owners/managers how to run the club successfully and how to own your market year round!
Works great, even during the recession!
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(412) 818-8033

We help the
average health club increase their sales

more than
75% per month! We help Personal Training increase by tens of thousands of dollars every single month no excuses!

Personal Training at any club should be earning no less than $50,000 ever single month when you have members,marketing,well trained sales staff and ramp up meetings weekly!!!! Show the numbers to your team weekly,give bonuses to those who earn them and make the weak link either get involved or get out. You want to be a champion you must train champions. Hire me today and let us get you the team and money your club really can do in just days of the first meeting.


"How would you like to earn $50,000-$500,000 a month in Personal Training Sales"


Global Fitness Explosion Owner Jason "Trainer J" Ferraro 412-818-8033

$500 Off monthly consulting fee until 2/1/2013

About Sports Club Management

We bring with us years of experience
in Fitness Management. Health Club Marketing Done Hands On, Personal Training Marketing Done Hands On, Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Done Hands On! You will become the expert in your industry and start earning the real money in fitness and health.
Athletic Club Marketing

We are
not a
promotional company.

We work with
you every month and immediately increase your membership sales. Working together
with you and your staff we get more dollars per average sale than what is being
accomplished now.

Your "Season" is just
underway. I’d like the opportunity to show you how we can help you achieve a
dramatic increase in your membership sales,personal training and over all profits. As you can see from the references
we have enclosed, we produce results and do that immediately. We have no-long-term commitment, we have to help you with an
immediate positive result and continue to do so every month to be retained,
plus, you keep 100% of every
sale. We also provide professional experinced fitness sales consultants to achieve the numbers your after. No one gives you so much for such a small monthly investment. Building dynasties is what were dedicated to do!

Our Qualifications and

From 1994 to 2000, I helped build,
owned and operated a large club in Pittsburgh, PA. This club was the #1 club
that was a leader in producing sales throughout the years. The club was 20,000
square feet and in the early 90’s our memberships sales were as high as $1,600,000 in a year.

My experience in the industry
also includes being the Vice President of the Western Pennsylvania Court Clubs
Association for 3 years. At that time there were 33 clubs involved in this great
organization of idea sharing.

For 17+ years, I've been the leading expert in Personal Training Growth for trainers worldwide.

I have invented popular weight loss programs that send your membership sales through the roof, while handing personal trainers more clients than most can handle. You will need to hire more personal trainers this I guarantee!

If you would like to
significantly improve the volume of gross sales at your athletic club, we would
be very happy to sit down with you to elaborate on the program that we feel will
accomplish the task. We work on a month to month basis
with no long-term commitment. We have to perform immediately at a very high
level to be retained. Retain our services for 6 and 12 month periods of time at a discounted fee for those interested in continued service and increases in productivity.

Sports Club Management's Clients

tailored marketing plan and customized advertising for your
club & personal training!

Health Club Marketing

Most clubs in the fitness
industry do little to no effective marketing and a large percentage of clubs do
not have an effective sales organization. We
develop the marketing plan for each club, plus create all advertising used at
each club.

Our thought is that it is
imperative to run every club as a business.
The reason most clubs fail is that no business plan is effectively implemented and, as a general rule, most
sales teams are weak. We’re not saying that they should hard sell, but they
should accomplish a goal - make sales and create profit.

Generally, we work with anyone
at your business that you feel can do the job. If we hire personnel we strongly
suggest they be primarily compensated meritoriously by being paid commission -
to be paid well if good performance is there and, if not, natural attrition
occurs. We’d rather have the weaker sales person work for a competitor - which
makes our job much easier. At most small clubs, one full time person is
generally enough to start with. Sales consultant that can sell personal training at the highest level should be well taken care of because these people are very hard to find.

Global Fitness Explosion initiates working with most of our clubs at the beginning of your season. Most
club owners want to start then because the season is much more productive. GFE
can immediately make a dramatic positive increase in membership
sales. GFE will make a huge impact in Personal Training Sales and all clubs should be selling nutritional products that pay at the highest levels. (Look into TrueStar Health)

Our consulting program
gives each of our clients the personal service necessary to accomplish each
clubs goals in the shortest period of time, with a commitment to the highest
quality service.

We have perfected the best personal training system in the industry. Our
approach has taken the clubs we work with to dramatically higher personal
training levels. There is no better system in the

GFE welcomes the opportunity to share thoroughly proven ideas with you to cause an immediate
positive change to your revenues.

Contact Jason "Trainer J" Ferraro





I joined the TrueStar team because of the opportunity being so new, the fact they customized this fabulous website for me free and the money I am earning in 8 weeks has put me on track to making $25,000 a month for life after only 8 weeks. This is the most amazing business with awesome daily training and the #1 healthy lifestyle supplements in the world. Believe me I do my homework and there is absolutly nothing that comes close to the TrueStar products on earth. All organic, all created using nothing but the best ingredients and as for the CEO of TrueStar Tim Mulcahy the man cares about his team and the purity of the products.

I am a hard working Personal Trainer/Fitness and Health Club Consultant thats dream is to speak all over the world teaching people how to change their lives. I like movies, fireplaces and romance. I have plans on reading one book every month and becoming the next Tony Robbins of Fitness Marketing,Life and Business (Work In Progress).

I want to become a full-time employee of TrueStar learnig everything there is about the company, products and marketing so I can become the TOP leader in the business earning $1,000,000 a month with TrueStar is my goal.


I would like to work for TrueStar full time traveling the United States and then World for TrueStar to speak at events, set up corporate deals and make this company a MONSTER faster than thought possible.

Jason Ferraro "Nutritionist and Top Health Club Consultant"


Health Clubs and Personal Trainers who need assistents in growing their business, need more clients or referrals you have come to the right place. Contact me when you sign up with my team or TrueStar and I am giving FREE coaching and consulting to trainers, health clubs and fitness professionals along with my videos and audio sets found on YouTube. (Health Club Consulting) Call me after viewing site at 412-818-8033 for Free Phone Consults

I am going to make $250,000 a week by January 1st of 2013...I don't know how BUT I will do it!!!! What is your goal?